Co-Curricular Activities
Life-wide Learning (LWL) refers to students learning in real context and authentic setting. School hopes students can find their strength and interest and explore their further development through different Co-Curricular Activities (CCA). CCA is part of experiential learning which enables students to achieve certain learning goals such as nurture students’ attitude, self-confidence, organization skills, communication skills and problem-solving skills. On the other hand, these activities can enhance teachers-students relationship by participating in the activities together. In the activities, teachers encourage students to be team leader so as to earn their leadership skills which can help students growth development through which they can become more mature and rise about their responsibility to facilitate contributions to the society.

CCA include whole school events, physical and arts activities, club activities, personal growth activities and class activities to cater to different students.

Whole school event is a big project for students. It provides opportunities to students to hold event on their own under teachers’ supervision such as School Open Day, CWCC Cup and Students Union Election.

Physical and Arts activities
We have more than 10 school teams such as basketball school team, dancing team and pop music team so on which have regular sports and music team training after school to exhibit their talent.

Club activities
In order to develop students’ life-wide skills, we provide many different clubs such as Academic Club, Service Club, Religion Club and Consulting Club to provide students with major opportunities for different kind of activities.
Mr Ng Ka Sing(Panel Head)
Ms Lau Hei Man
Ms Yeung Tsz Yan
Mr Au Yeung Tsz Wing
Mr Tang Ka Fai
Ms Chong Sin Ching
Ms Wong Ka Yan