School Self Evaluation &
Improvement Committee
Committee Members

Mr Shiu Fai Man (Vice Principal), Ms Chan Shuk Yi (Assistant Principal), Ms Yuen Sin Yan, Mr Au Yeung Tsz Wing, Mr Chau Ka Lun, Mr Lau Lap Hang


To co-ordinate and enhance the work of school self-evaluation & improvement by
implementing the “Planning – Implementation – Evaluation” approach, thus making continuous improvement and formulating related development directions and strategies.


  • Through questionnaires and data analysis, assess the effectiveness of school major concerns, thus giving feedback to the school’s planning and promoting the development of students.
  • Based on the self-evaluation data, assess the performance of the school in the four domains, namely “Management and Organization”, “Learning and Teaching”, “Student Support and School Ethos” and “Student Performance”, thus assisting the school to reflect and evaluate the effectiveness of the yearly plan and making related measures and strategic school plans & developments.
  • Collecting related information or data to assess the effectiveness of various activities and work, the performance of the school and the learning performance of students, thus assisting the school to review and plan the school development.

  1. Coordinate and promote the school self-evaluation and improvement work
  2. Assist the school to implement related management tasks (doing various following-up work, monitoring and handling documents properly)
  3. Set the guidelines and schedule for all school evaluation reports and annual school reports, and methods for collecting relevant information
  4. Set the procedures for the appraisals of teaching & learning (including lesson observation, homework inspection, etc.)
  5. Coordinate and collect stakeholder questionnaires, APASO & KPM, and publishing reports
  6. Collect all evaluation information, reviewing and assessing the performance of various areas of the school work and making recommendations for improvement
  7. Coordinate the administrative arrangements for the teachers’ performance appraisal
  8. Assist schools in improving school self-evaluation mechanisms
  9. Arrange teacher training activities on self-evaluation to enhance the culture of self-evaluation.u