The Guidance Committee has always endeavored to promote positive value education to students. Apart from regularly organizing different activities, talks and visits for the benefit of students ‘ full development, it has also cooperated with the Discipline Committee in following up individual student cases. It is hoped that by influencing lives with lives, the two teams can effectively assist in students’ whole-person development.
  • To assist students to develop the right set of values and enhance their personal qualities (wisdom, justice, courage, perseverance and self-discipline)
  • To develop students ‘ potential, improve their learning effectiveness and promote their all-round development
  • To help students to develop good interpersonal skills and build a harmonious campus
  • To strengthen communication between parents and the school and collaborate in effectively implementing different educational policies
2019-2020 Members
Positions Members
Guidance Mistress: Ms. Au Ka Lai
Vice-guidance Mistress:  Mr. Wong Pan Man
Guidance Teachers: Ms. Lam Lai Kwan
Ms. Lau Hay Man
Ms. Cheung Lai Chun
Ms. Wong Ching Man
Mr. Yan On Ting
Mr. Ma Ho Yee
School Social Workers: Ms. Lau Yick Hey
Mr. Cheung Chun Ho
Policies and Measures
  1. Class Club and Functional Teams
  2. Cheng-chung Star Life-wide Learning Reward Scheme
Ancillary Service Teams
  1. Caring Ambassadors
  2. Hand-in-hand Group
  3. Spartans