The 13th Art Ambassadors-in-school Scheme

The 13th Art Ambassadors-in-school Scheme

Congratulation to 4B Anamika who represented our school at the 13th Art Ambassadors-in-school Scheme and is now successfully an Art Ambassador at our school.

Anamika studies Visual Arts DSE. She is the Chairperson of Art Club and actively participates and promotesart activities on ourschool campus. We were fortunate to interview Anamika about her mission and outlook on art.

Interviewer: What is art to you?

Anamika: Art is to create. Everything on earth was made, like paint for artwork, clay for pottery. They all have their own beauty and shapes. Meanwhile art can express the culture, way of survival, emotions, etc. All are related to life. We are always interacting with it.

Interviewer: What is your role as an art ambassador in school?

Anamika: As an art ambassador, I hope everyone can enjoy making art. I am going help organize the Art Club’s activities and promote art. Recently we organized a Portrait Puzzle game in the Art Booth of CWCCSS Fun Day for all school students. It helped students reflect about the life of famous artists, such as David Hockney and his mantra “I like to enjoy now, as there is only now.”