Miscellaneous Fees

1. Exercise Books

Students are encouraged to use the standard exercise books provided by the school for doing their homework for uniformity. The type and quantity of books used are not be the same across different levels. Please refer to Appendix 1 for details.

2. Student Union Member Fee

The student union organizes various educational programmes for the students each year. Each student is required to contribute $30 annually in support of its operation.

3. Member Fee for the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

In accordance with the Article of the PTA, all parents are members of the association. They enjoy all the rights and benefits granted while are obliged to pay a member fee of HK$50 each year. All fees collected will be used in the publication of Newsletters, organizing both educational and recreational activities for parents, students and teachers and the setting up of two scholarships: “PTA Outstanding Academic Performance and Conduct Scholarship” and “PTA Outstanding Progress Scholarship”.

(Parents who have financial difficulties may write to the Chairman of the PTA for exemption. If approved, the sum paid will be refunded in September.) 

4. Tong Fai for Senior students

According to the guidelines provided by the Education Bureau, an annual Tong Fai of HKD 340 from each senior form student. This fee is intended to support the development of the school and cover various educational expenses for senior from students.