CWCC Green Prefect

Date: 30/04/2024


At CWCC, we believe in taking action to protect our planet.  With small steps and collective efforts, we can make a big difference! Here's how we're making sustainability a part of our daily school life:

PROMOTING RECYCLE HABIT: Recycling is key to reducing waste and conserving resources.  We have implemented a school-wide initiative to promote a recycling habit among our students. Let's do our part by sorting and recycling our waste responsibly!

GREEN PREFECTS: Each class has appointed a Green Prefect who leads the way in promoting eco-friendly practices. They inspire their classmates to adopt sustainable habits and raise awareness about environmental issues. Together, we can create a greener future! STUDENT INITIATIVE: We are proud to mention one of our S1 students who took the initiative to make a difference.  He has been walking around our school campus, demonstrating to all form students how small steps like using less plastic and conserving energy can contribute to saving our planet. His passion and dedication are truly inspiring! Let's continue to come together as a school community and embrace sustainable practices in our daily lives.  Our actions today will shape the future for generations to come. Together, we can make a positive impact and create a greener and more sustainable world!