Message from Principal

Principal’s Message
Opening Ceremony 2019
Good morning! I am your new principal. I am so glad to be part of the Cheng-Chung Family! This year, we all have experienced a very special summer. We have shared this collective memory deep in our hearts. Have you found that you have changed a bit or grown a bit in this summer? For me, the most amazing thing should be the sparkles that I can see from all of you, as a young generation. Your sparkles twinkle from different corners. When all of you connect together, your sparkles glitter against the darkness.


Young people, like you, are very precious, especially in this chaotic era!I would like you to know, that all of you, are having great potentials and treasure in you. Today is a brand new start of the school new year. I encourage you to set clear targets in your studies and personal growth. Keep growing and releasing your potentials!

If you felt ‘lost’ in the past, I hope you can ‘find’ your target and pursue your dreams starting from today! Work hard on it! Stay passionate on your studies and life. Keep sparkling with all of your passions. You can definitely achieve your goals if you are willing to because you are a generation of creating legends!

If you were ‘the last’ in the past, I hope you can ‘press on toward your goals’ on studies and improve yourself. Always remain hopeful and grateful. Be faithful, diligent and stay simple; love God and one another. Let all those around can warm up in your glowing and inspired by you.

Starting from this year, I will focus more on your personal growth and development. I will lead the teachers together to be your guidance and walk with you. This is a campus that everyone is always open to communicate and listen to each other with trust, respect and care. I treasure every one of you and we hope to nurture you as the important pillars of Hong Kong.

Dr. Stanley, Chi-yuen CHUNG