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Pearl Magazine – Keep Moving

Pearl Magazine - Keep Moving

TVB Pearl Magazine journalists had an interest in recording our Kabaddi stories, which is a Newly Emerging Sports. Kabaddi is not just a sport, it brings Hongkongers of different ethnicities together.

Sportsoho – Hong Kong Balloon Challenge (Chinese Version Only)

Sportsoho - Hong Kong Balloon Challenge (Chinese Version Only)

The first Balloon competition was held in Hong Kong today, our student became the first ”2nd runner-up” in history and CWCC got the Best School Award.

Why do we develop Newly Emerging Sports?

Newly emerging sports require little space and the rules are simple. The most important thing is that no students will have an absolute advantage in terms of physical strength, height and gender. They are also suitable for family activities. This will help encourage more students of different nationalities and genders to participate together, promoting health and communication.

Special thanks to the Newly Emerged Sports Association and Sportsoho.