2020/21 “Participate in Sports, Stay Away from Drugs” Programme Outstanding Award

2020/21 "Participate in Sports, Stay Away from Drugs" Programme Outstanding Award

Our school participate in “Participate in Sports, Stay Away from Drugs” Programme organized by Narcotics Division, Security Bureau in 2020. This programme provided a chance for students to organize some sports activities to promote anti-drug message. Our school was one of the top 5 outstanding schools among 93 participating schools in Hong Kong. Furthermore, our students were invited to an interview by Commercial Radio Hong Kong in their show, “Good Morning King”, to share their experience in organizing activities and the rationale behind.

Narcotics Division, Security Bureau website about the award:

Music connected our students from 15 regions

Music connected our students from 15 regions

Thank you for our community partner The Warehouse and Kenta for sharing with us about local music scenery yesterday! It was delightful and exciting to hear how Kenta has come about to becoming a band member in HK while balancing his life as a primary school teacher. Hope we can enjoy live performances and Kenta’s show very soon!!

Silver Prize in “百年風華·美好光影” Short movie competition


Congratulations to Haroon, Manveer and Harmonjot for winning the SILVER PRIZE in “百年風華·美好光影” short movie competition organised by Bauhinia Magazine!

It’s not that hard for NCS students to study Chinese History in CWCC. We collaborate with mLang e-learning Platform and Pedagogy, The University of Hong Kong, and teachers use creative teaching strategies to let students learn Chinese culture happily!

Pearl Magazine – Keep Moving

Pearl Magazine - Keep Moving

TVB Pearl Magazine journalists had an interest in recording our Kabaddi stories, which is a Newly Emerging Sports. Kabaddi is not just a sport, it brings Hongkongers of different ethnicities together.

Pandemic Information for NCS parents and students

Pandemic Information for NCS parents and students

Dear parents, students and alumni,

As we enter March, while Hong Kong citizens are battling the pandemic, the school will also have a “special holiday”. The principal, teachers and social workers of Caritas Wu Cheng-chung Secondary School will continue to walk with you side by side and support your educational, personal, emotional and family needs.

We have always believed in the importance of connecting the school with the community, and through connecting with the community, students can build a spirit of giving back to and serving the community. During the pandemic, our partners, including non-governmental organizations and people from all walks of life, will do their utmost to support local and non-Chinese speaking students and their families. We are most grateful for their care for our teenagers and their families.

This all-in-one pandemic information platform will be updated regularly to provide the latest news on government information and all kinds of assistance provided by NGOs (including financial, material and emotional support).

You are also welcome to share the information with your family, friends and neighbors to strengthen our community spirit. I hope everyone will continue to be full of energy, stay healthy and please take care of your family and friends around you. After the pandemic, we will return to campus to study and explore the future together!

Special thanks to our multicultural partners Caritas WEDO GLOBAL The Zubin Foundation 小彬紀念基金會 熊百祥 Fredie Hung for supporting NCS students and parents all the time!

Zubin Foundation Mini-Workshop

Zubin Foundation Mini-Workshop

Thank you for our lovely multicultural partner The Zubin Foundation 小彬紀念基金會 running a mini-workshop on “From Yourself to Others: My Story As Ethnic Minority”. The workshop forms part of the school’s Inclusion Week activities. We had over 50 EM students from S.1 to S.5 joining us on Zoom. In the mini-workshop, we looked at how our young EM can foster inclusion – from mentality to concrete actions.