The Opening Ceremony of the “Chinese Culture Experience Hall”

The Opening Ceremony of the "Chinese Culture Experience Hall”

We are very grateful to invite the Chief School Development Officer (Central, Western and Southern District), Ms.Chiang Lam, the Member of the Legislative Council, JP ,Ms. Yung Hoi-yan,JP,and the Barristor, Mr Paulinus Lo for taking time out of their busy schedules and serving as officiating guests for the “Chinese Culture Experience Hall”. Students and guests traveled through the five areas of the venue, namely, the ” Tapestry of Chinese History “, “Historical Relics”, “Historical Figures”, “Ancient Chinese Fashion Room” and “Study Room of the King”, as if they were in ancient times and experienced the Emperor’s demeanor. Furthermore, through the explanations of non-Chinese speaking students and local student ambassadors and interaction with a group of guests, encourages students to respect each other’s culture, and reflect the spirit of integration of the school.