Address: 8 Northcote Close, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong
Phone:(852)2817 2318
Fax:(852)2817 2320


  1. To establish a harmonious multicultural campus and develop, in collaboration with other functional units, highlights of the school for promotional purposes
  2. To build up a positive image for the school in the long term through regularly disseminating school information and fostering stronger links with different sectors in the community
  3. To assist the school in devising an effective strategy to avail of all possible means of enrolling school-age children at all levels

Committee Members:

Ms. W.K. Fong(Chairperson), Ms. H.K. Ng(Vice-chairperson), Ms. W.K. Choy, Ms. H.M. Lau and Ms. P.Y. Lui