1. School bags, plastic bags and folders should not be brought into the library. These should be kept at the storage area in the library.
  2. Silence and tidiness must be maintained inside the library. Chatting, eating, drinking and sleeping are forbidden in the library. Food and drinks should not be brought into the library and water bottles should be kept at the storage area in the library.
  3. Books and magazines should be put back on the appropriate shelves according to the call numbers or be put in the trolley.
  4. Students who are self-studying in the library must not discuss with other students loudly. Before leaving the library, students should show their books to the librarian or student librarians for inspection.
  5. Students must first register at the counter before using the computer.
  6. All library users in the school library have to follow the instructions of the student librarians on duty.  The student librarians have the right to take down the name of any misbehaving library users and report to the Teacher Librarian.

Overdue Books
(1) Overdue loans incurs a fine of HK$0.50 per day for each book. (School holidays not counted). If the accumulated fines add up to HK$10, the teacher librarian will, in person, remind the students to return the books.
(2) No additional items can be borrowed from the library until all overdue loans are returned.
(3) Overdue notices are given to students within one week of the items being overdue.
Loss and damage of Library materials
(1) Borrowers should check if the books they borrow are in good condition before leaving the library. For any book lost or returned with damage, the borrower needs to buy a new one with the same book title to replace the book. A form should be filled in for reference.
(2) All fines incurred as a result of overdue or loss of loans must be paid back. Failure to do so will not allow to borrow books and materials.