Religious Education

Religious Education Committee

Mission and Vision
We are a Catholic school and aim at guiding our students in accordance with its pastoral principles. Catholic rituals are held regularly such as Feast Day, Advent and Lenten. Meanwhile, various activities like prayer meetings, school ceremonies and day camps are held to let students reflect and cherish lives. In addition, visits to different religious establishments give students chances to take part in different religious rituals.

We make the best use of our campus like placing statues, pictures and Scripture versus around to keep students’ morale vigilance.

Committee's Members
Miss Kong Siu Mui, Miss Cheng Lam Lai, Miss Lui Po Yee, Miss Chiang So Lam, Mr. Au Yeung Tsz Wing, Mr. Chan Hoi Wang, Mr. Wong Tai Cheong

1. Prayer Group

2. Spiritual Education Team

Religious Activities

20190312 Lent Religious Lecture

20190308 Lent Praying Assembly

20190301 S6 Farewell Morning Assembly

20190222 Junior Form Spiritual Day Camp

20190131 BBQ with Prayer Group

20181221 Advent Praying Assembly

20181220 X’mas Carol

20181123 Sharing of Scared Music

20181123 Prayer for the Month of the Souls in Purgatory

20181123 Rehearsal for X’mas Carol

Spiritual Education Activities

20190213 Noon’s Mindful Thinking


20190130 Spiritual Education


20190116 S6 Graduating Praying Assembly


20181023 Spiritual Education Exchange with St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School


20181019 S6 Spiritual Education Day Camp


Social Work Activities

20190228 Charity Lunch


20181214 Social Acivity-X’mas Carol for the elderly


20181013 Flag Day