Moral and Civic Education Committee

Moral and Civic Education Committee

Committee Goal

1. To cultivate and develop student's body, soul and spirit, and to establish an optimistic outlook on life;

2. Help students to cultivate a modern world view, to let students understand and care about the development of Hong Kong, China and the World;

3. To better students' critical thinking skills, so that they will be able to comment on different social issues sensibility.

4. Help students to appreciate the needs of underprivileged groups and foster their eagerness to serve people in need.


Au Ka Lai

Cheung Lai Chun

Ting Ka Ngai

Yeung Tsz-yan 

Wong Tai Cheong


1. Civic Education Ambassador

2. Orbis Student Ambassador

3. Unicef Club

Moral and Civil Activities 1819

20190413 Workshop for Garbage EnzymePhoto
20190413 Flag DayPhoto
20190403 Learning Exchange Tourist –TaiwanPhoto
20190331 Carnival for Coastal ProtectionPhoto
20190303 PTA’s picnic (Coastal Cleaning)Photo
20190129 Game stall for Environmental protectionPhoto
20190124 Workshop for Environmental protectionPhoto
20190124 Lecture of Reduce to use the PlasticPhoto
20181215 Coastal Cleaning Photo
20181206 Workshop for Save WaterPhoto
20181205 Game Stall for Reduce to use the PlasticPhoto
20181204 Lecture of Clean the BeachPhoto
20181128 Recycle Activity – Collect Plastic bottle in Sport DayPhoto
20181125 UNICEF RUN VolunteerPhoto
20180921 International Peace DayPhoto