Choy Wa Kwan     Discipline Master

Yiu Chi Shing        Discipline Master

Ng Ka Sing             Vice Discipline Master, S3 Discipline Teacher

Chong Sin Ching   S1 Discipline Teacher

Choy Pik Kei          S2 Discipline Teacher

Lo Hiu Suet            S4 Discipline Teacher

Tang Ka Fai            S5 Discipline Teacher

Wong Tsz Ching    S6 Discipline Teacher


In accordance with the education philosophy of Caritas and based on conduct education, we adopt the whole-school approach in conduct and counseling for achieving the school goals.


  1. Assist students to cultivate self-esteem and self-discipline as well as positive attitudes
  2. Nurture students to respect others and develop a sense of responsibility
  3. Enhance student ability in facing changes and growth as well as their autonomy


  1. Implement school goals
  2. Draft and implement school disciplinary policies and school rules
  3. Set criteria and methods of evaluating student conduct
  4. Coordinate student reward and punishment affairs
  5. Collaborate with the counseling committee in handling individual student affairs


Date Events
23/6/2020 Independent Police Complaints Council (IPCC) –School Programme
20/2/2020 Rehabilitation Pioneer Project -Personal Encounter with Prisoners Scheme