Student Caring


Established in 2007, Student Caring Committee (SCC) aims at planning, coordinating and promoting students support activities in response to the education policy of catering students’ diverse learning needs in Hong Kong. SCC has been providing optimum support and follow-up for students with diverse learning needs under the prevailing mechanism of whole school approach.


1.      To create an inclusive learning environment promoting positive relationship and mutual respect between ordinary students and students with diverse learning needs.

2.      To strengthen the understanding of students with special educational needs (SEN) among teachers, students and parents so as to build up a caring and harmonious atmosphere under inclusive education initiative.

3.      To develop individual educational plans (IEP) for SEN students so as to enhance their abilities of learning, communication, social interaction and self-care.

4.      To enhance the ability of teachers, students and parents to support SEN students.

5.      To build up a partner relationship between teachers and SEN parents through regular communication and encourage them to devise the learning and development plans for the students together.

6.      To provide optimum support to SEN students so that they can achieve the learning goals through flexibly re-deploying school resources and effectively promoting teaching strategies


Teachers Responsible

To implement the work effectively, teachers responsible includes the subject teachers of Chinese, English and Mathematics, Teaching and Learning Committee, Social workers and Education Psychologist. For any enquiries, please contact the Student Caring Committee.


Student Support

(1) Whole School Approach to Catering for Students' Diverse Learning Needs 

To cater for diverse individual learner differences, needs and interests, small-class teaching is practiced and a tailor-made course of study is adopted for each group. In addition, with abundant opportunities for cooperative learning and project learning, students are expected to develop both a culture of appreciating others and the virtue of learning from their peers. After-school enhancement programmes and remedial tutorials are provided to help our students progress academically.


(2) Curriculum Tailoring and Adaptation for Learning and Assessment 

Within each school year, there are two term examinations and two formal tests to assess the performance of the students. Apart from tests and examinations, continuous assessments such as oral report, qizz and project learning in certain subjects are adopted by teachers.


(3) School Facilities

The new school building, adjacent to the Medical Faculty of the University of Hong Kong, is facing Cyberport at the waterfront of the southern part of Hong Kong Island. It is a very tranquil and open environment, matching nature.

The classrooms and special rooms are all air-conditioned and equipped with modern IT-assisted teaching facilities. Special rooms include several science laboratories, Information and Technology Learning Centre, Computer Room, Multi-media Language Centre, English Learning Centre, Library, Music Room, Visual Arts Room and Catering Service Room, etc. Other facilities include a skylight, Assembly Hall, Basketball Courts, Covered Playground, Students Activities Centre, Dancing Room, Guidance Activities Room, Religious Activities Room, Pray Room, PTA Resource Centre, Conference Room and Tuck shop.