About Us

Introduction of Parent-Teacher Association

This Association was first found in January 1991, and was renamed as “Caritas Wu Cheng-chung Secondary School Parent Teacher Association” in November 2005 following the establishment of our new school campus.

A General Meeting is organized annually to conduct the election of office-bearers serving on the Standing Committee for the ensuing year. The Committee members have organized various activities, interest groups and talks for both parents and students.  We also issue news to parents regularly, providing information about school and activities of this association, so as enabling parents to understand their children’s learning and needs further.  Moreover, two scholarships, the Most Progressed Student Award and the Best Performance Award have been established in each form to encourage students to attain a high standard of learning abilities.

The Parents’ Resources Room was set up to offer parents a place to organize various functions, which does not only make our work function, but also enhances the relationship among parents.

Objectives of the Parent-Teacher Association

(a)Promote close liaison between school and home as well as to foster friendly relations between parents, school administration and teachers, and among parents themselves.


(b)Strengthen the cooperation between parents and the school, upgrading the efficiency of education and the welfare of the students and of the school.

(c)Promote parenting education.