Parent Circular 2019 - 2020

PC1938 - "Student Grant" 2019/20

PC1936A - Matters of S1-S5 Parents' Day

PC1936 - Matters of S1-S5 Parents' Day

PC1934 - Matters of S1-S5 After-school Tutorial Lessons

PC1933 - Matters of Advent Praying Assembly and Christmas Celebration

PC1932 - S6 Mock Examination

PC1931 - The 1st Term Examination

PC1930 - The Community Chest Dress Casual Day

PC1929B - Annual School Picnic

PC1929A - Annual School Picnic

PC1928 - Ordering of HKDSE Past Papers and Reference Books

PC1927 - Matters of CWCC BBQ Community Fair

PC1926B - Matters of S1-S6 Parents' Day & PTA Annual General Meeting

PC1926A - Matters of S1-S6 Parents' Day & PTA Annual General Meeting

PC1926 - Matters of S1 - S6 Parents' Day & PTA Annual General Meeting

PC1925 - The 15th Annual Sports Dav

PC1923 - School Open Days

PC1922 - Matters Arising from the Switch to Winter School Uniform

PC1921 - Caritas Hong Kon g-2019 Charity Bazaars Dress Casual Day

PC1920 - The Application ofJUPAS 2020

PC1919 - Matters of the Purchase of Raffle Tickets

PC1918 - 1st Term Standardized Tests

PC1917 - Purchase of Textbooks, English Newspapers and Calculators

PC1916C - After-School Homework Tutorial Classes

PC1916A - Matters of S6 After-school Tutorial Lessons

PC1914 - eClass Mobile Application for Parents

PC1913 - The Appropriate Use of the School Intranet 1Internet and Use of Students' Photos and Videos

PC1912 - Matters of Participation in Co-curricular Activities

PC1910 - Against Communicable Diseases in New School Year

PC1909 - The Use of Mobile Phones on Campus

PC1908 - Enhancing Communication between the School and Parents

PC1907 - Students ' Health Condition

PC1906 - Special School Timetable

PC1905 - Parents' Day of New Students

PC1904A - Information for the New Senior Secondary Students and Payment for the Registration Fee

PC1904 - Information for New Junior Secondary Students

PC1902A - S1 Summer Enhancement Programme

PC1902 - Information for New Secondary One Students

PC1901 - Payment for Miscellaneous Fees and Order for School Uniforms